Greenville's Heroes Field of Honor

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - A field of red, white and blue in one Eastern Carolina city is recognizing heroes, people in our lives who have made an impact.

The annual event is called "The Field of Honor." There are about 518 flags placed in the Town Common area in Greenville. Each flag has a notecard attached with a tribute to a hero in someone's life.

Jack Brueckner, President of the Greenville Rotary Club, says the Field of Honor is a great show appreciation for kind acts and accomplishments of people you admire. It also helps to give back to the community since all money donated goes back into the area.

"It allows people like these folks behind us over here to come out and get in there and look around and maybe strike up a conversation with someone they wouldn't have otherwise spoke to and just learn a lot about each other and how great Greenville is in everything," said Brueckner.

Each one of these 500 flags was donated by an individual, family, or even groups of people who want to honor someone they feel is a hero.

The opening ceremony for the Field of Honor kicked of Friday night at 7 p.m.