Greenville veterinarian explains COVID-19 risk for animals

Published: Apr. 16, 2020 at 6:56 AM EDT
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As of now, the CDC says the first positive test for the coronavirus was a tiger at a zoo in New York City.

Dr. Linda Kuhn is a veterinarian in Greenville. She says of course, things could change, but right now there is not a reason to panic. Perhaps you won't want someone to pet your dog or cat because they could have the virus and it could spread from the surface.

The CDC says there isn't evidence that pets can spread it to people, or that they may be the source of the infection in the United States. The CDC also suggests treating your pets as other family members. They suggest not letting your pet interact with people or animals outside of your home.

"There are no reports of dogs and cats being infected," Kuhn said. "Now, are we going to learn new things in the future? Absolutely. But for the meantime, I think it's quite fine to be nice and close with your cats."

Kuhn also says if you are sick with the virus, you can pass it along to ferrets.

"If a ferret gets it, it's not going to give it back to you," she said. "There are no cases of animals being infected by people and then those animals turning around and infecting new people. There are no cases of that."

To see the CDC guidelines and suggestions on pets,

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