Greenville transplant recipient to compete in World Transplant Games

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) Phelicia Price of Greenville will compete in the 2019 World Transplant Games in Newcastle, United Kingdom this week.

Price went to see her primary care doctor for a regular check up back in 2010 when she was informed she would need to have a kidney biopsy.

Several days later she got a phone call at work saying her kidneys were functioning at 22% and she would need to have a transplant in the next 18 months.

"You just think, five minutes ago I was living my regular life, almost an ignorance is bliss kind of situation," says Price.

She went on a special diet that she says helped her avoid dialysis for six years, but then it became necessary.

"There was just nothing cool about being in there and I just don't think I had a good mindset the entire time. I was miserable," says Price.

That's when she took up meditation and yoga.

As she began focusing on her mind, body, and soul, she learned her cousin, Dean was going to donate one of his kidneys to her.

Price had a kidney transplant May 5, 2016.

She says, "I felt like I could just jump up and run around. I felt, I mean the energy was instant, the kidney took instant and that's not always everybody's story."

Shortly after her transplant, Price began going to a transplant support group in Greenville. That's when she learned about the transplant games.

​Price leaves Wednesday, August 14 for Newcastle, United Kingdom.

She will be competing in track and field and hopes to bring home a metal.

She also hopes to continue to raise awareness about transplantation and it's why she spoke on a panel at Vidant Sunday afternoon about living kidney donations.