No major incidents in Greenville on Halloween

Published: Oct. 31, 2016 at 7:53 PM EDT
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No major incidents were reported in Uptown Greenville on Halloween.

Greenville police say more than 100 officers from around the area helped patrol the area with thousands turning out to party.

An expansion of the event area helped the crowd have more room to enjoy the fun.

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October 31st is a night that draws thousands to the Greenville area each year.

According to the Greenville Police Department, they began preparing for Halloween night as soon as last year's event ended.

Although it is a Monday, they say they are still expecting quite the crowd.

"The checkpoints this year will be staffed by Staff One, a private security company similar to what you may see at an ECU sporting event," explains Kristen Hunter with the police department. "The purpose of that is to free up police resources so they can respond to an actual emergency."

Hunter says they have been working with ECU police to make sure everyone has a fun, but safe Halloween and so far, there have been no problems.

New for this year, five vendors will be set up along Evans Street to give those who are waiting in long lines more of an option before hitting the restaurants and bars in the uptown area.

"Greenville is known for Halloween being a big deal," says Jay Bastardo, the owner of Villa Verde. "As part of the community we embrace it. It is not something we celebrate in the Dominican Republic, but we live in Greenville and we are excited to be able to share our food with everybody."

The vendors will be open from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. Greenville Police Department also says they have expanded the event area to include more of Evans Street, up to Tavern on 4th Street and the area behind the parking deck.

The Greenville Police Department says they expect the intersection at East 5th Street, closest to ECU Campus, to be the busiest throughout the night.

They continue to stress the importance of pedestrian safety as people walk to and from Halloween events.

The Greenville Police Department says in addition to the uptown area, school resource officers will be patrolling neighborhoods to monitor the kids trick or treating.