Greenville kids smiling brighter thanks to national dentistry program

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Some kids in Eastern North Carolina are smiling a bit brighter now, and it is all thanks to a national program.

Friday, in Greenville, Eastern Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry provided free dental work for the 16th year in a row as part of a national program put on by the American Dental Association called Give Kids a Smile.

As part of the program, doctors from private practices and ECU's dental school volunteered their time and services to provide dental exams, x-rays, dental treatments, and height and weight measurements to area kids.

Dr. Lee Lewis was one of the medical professionals at the event. He talked about children who may not receive dental care otherwise, saying, "Today we are trying to give them a good experience and give them something to build their future experience on. We try to take care of any issues they may have as easy as we can. Those issues we can't address, we try to get them to places that can once we are done."

After the exam, patients are sent home with information to find them a more permanent dental office.

Also joining Friday's event were several lawmakers, ECU football players, ECU cheerleaders, and a number of other sports groups from ECU.