Greenville gymnastics gym sees boost during Olympics

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - These days, Rose's Gymnastics is packed.

"Every four years, we get a surge in interest because it's one of the glamour sports of the Olympics," says Darlene Rose, the gym's owner. "So a lot of people tune in and little kids watch and the next thing you know, they're like 'well I want to do that.' So we end up getting a good surge of people coming in and wanting to try gymnastics."

Rose says her gym will see anywhere between 25 to 30 percent more people sign up for gymnastics when the Olympics roll around.

For those already interested in the sport, the Olympic athletes are an inspiration.

"I mean they know their names, they're like little sport heroes for them" she says. "And they follow them all the time."

"I've been watching USA gymnastics," says Lily Albritton, 9. "I like to watch Simone Biles cause she's so powerful."

Leah Holmes, 8, agrees, saying, "Power, she's got energy and she's got sass."

Madison Kocian is also a favorite.

"Cause her bars are so good and she's so tight and her legs are perfectly straight and she just so great on bars," says Lily.

Leah says vault is her favorite event and that the Olympic games give her a lot to think about.

"I try to think about having a good practice," Leah says. "Trying to accomplish my dreams and having a good practice the next day."

Rose says both Leah and Lily will compete in a meet this weekend.