Greenville bike shops still open for repairs and new cyclists

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - If you're still looking for a way to stay fit during these stay home orders, cycling is another way to get outside and exercise without coming in close contact with anyone else. And since bike shops are an essential service, they're still open.

Some people use their bikes for transportation, so they depend on bike shops to help with the necessary parts and repairs. Greenville Bicycle Company owner Chris Davenport says people who come in for services have been lower, but he's seen customers who don't regularly cycle, come in with a new interest.

Davenport said, "We've had folks come in and buy bikes for the whole family. So, they can get out as a family and ride." The playgrounds and recreation facilities may be closed due to coronavirus concerns, but the green ways are still open for cyclists some customers depend on bikes for their daily commutes.

"There are several folks that do choose to use bicycles as their main mode of transportation that have been very thankful that I am open," said Davenport.

Jeffrey McKinnon uses his bike as his main mode of transportation. McKinnon said, "We need that service for those who rely on these to get around." He feels it's a great form of exercise, given the fact that gyms and parks are closed.

"For all of us, it's good to be healthy at this time, you know? Um, and so a bit of exercise sure helps, as well as helping your mood," said McKinnon.
Cyclists can avoid crowded forms of public transportation if you social distance while biking.

McKinnon said, "As long as you, you know, keep your distance when you're riding, it's a really good way to get about."
Davenport says he doesn't just help cyclists. "We very frequently do help folks with wheelchairs as far as tires and tubes," Davenport said.

If anyone has an issue getting the bike to the shop, Davenport has implemented a pick-up and delivery service, depending on the circumstances. Greenville Bicycle Company is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.