Greenville "Ulster Project" hosts trivia night fundraiser

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - The Greenville Ulster Project is hosting a trivia night fundraiser on Saturday, April 27.

The group is "committed to following Christ as committed peace builders, fostering understanding and acceptance, working together to build community, respecting, others and ourselves, and leading by example in serving others."

Trivia night tickets are $20 per person. Teams can be of four or eight people.

The event will be held at Ignite Church in Winterville starting at 7pm.

You can find more information here.

About the Ulster Project:

Following an extended pastoral exchange with a clergyman in Manchester, Connecticut, Father Kerry Waterstone, a Church of Ireland (Anglican) priest, received a request from two congregations in that city asking him to formulate a plan in an effort to help ease the tensions in Northern Ireland. After the experience of his own family in America, Canon Waterstone felt that the attitudes of teens from Northern Ireland might be changed. If they could see and experience the way Americans have learned to live together in their “melting pot” society, they might influence the future in Northern Ireland.

After obtaining approval from church leaders, Canon Waterstone traveled into Northern Ireland to secure the cooperation of clergy willing to help in the implementation of his plan. Forming the original guidelines for the Project, he focused on the prejudices and stereotypes, which are the root cause of the bitter strife labeled “Catholic/Protestant”. Nationally, the Project began in the United States in 1975. By 2003, Ulster Project International will have grown to 28 active American host communities paired with 8 Northern Ireland communities. Since 1975, over 6100 teens from Northern Ireland have participated in the various Ulster Project programs.