Greenville Traffic Safety Task Force making streets safer

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Greenville’s Traffic Safety Task Force is being credited for making streets safer in Greenville.

According to statistics, Greenville consistently ranked number one in the state for crashes for years. As a result, city leaders created the traffic task force to create ways to decrease those numbers.

Greenville Police Chief Mark Holtzman said the task force has helped to bring the number of crash fatalities and pedestrian injuries down to all-time lows since 2016, citing in 2019 that 16 pedestrian lives were saved.

"So sixteen people are walking around our community right now I believe as the efforts of this team," said Chief Holtzman.

Efforts have been made at crosswalks around the city to help increase safety. For example, the crosswalk time at the bottom of ECU's college has increased eight seconds longer to allow more time for students to cross.

ECU Police Chief Jon Barnwell said, "Given eight extra seconds for the all stops before it turns to allow students to reach that median is just one of the success that we've had working with the engineers to enhance the safety of people walking around campus."

Karla Lee is an ECU Student who said she’s noticed the difference. "I have noticed that it is longer. I can get over there and I don't feel like I’m rushing to get across the street."​ Lee said.

Signs are posted to remind pedestrians to press the button before crossing so warning signs appear at the stop walk located at the corner of Ficklen Street and Charles Boulevard.

Red light cameras and activated lights have also been added to decrease vehicle crashes.