Greenville Museum of Art exhibit features historic pictures by NC photographer

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) The works of an internationally renowned artist from NC are going on exhibition at a local art museum.

The Greenville Museum of Art is hosting works by photographer Burk Uzzle.

The exhibition pays tribute to African Americans and aims to capture their life experiences.

The display also includes historic photographs captured by Uzzle at the funeral of Martin Luther King Junior as well as events in both Memphis and Atlanta following King's assassination.

The works feature candid shots of iconic civil rights leaders as well as the Kennedy family as they make their way to King's funeral.

Uzzle says he hopes the collection will help bring people together.

He says, "I think this show illustrates the fact that we are really are all in this game together, and we need to know more about each other and appreciate each other more deeply."

The exhibition will open this Friday and run through the end of April.