Greenville ECVC celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month

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GREENVILLE, WITN (WITN) - A non-profit that's focused on helping people find jobs with purpose is celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

ECVC of Greenville works to provide job training and employment services to people with disabilities in Pitt and surrounding counties.

For the month of October, which is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, they are encouraging businesses to hire those with disabilities.

ECVC says employees with disabilities offer an overall higher job retention rate, are less likely to get into work related accidents and increase diversity in the workplace.

The organization can pre-screen and match candidates with disabilities for job opportunities, offer free on-site training assistance and other follow-up programs.

ECVC is also giving out free posters for workplaces that hire those with disabilities to display, offering free disability awareness education and encouraging businesses to schedule a tour of the building on Greene Street to see the talent of those with disabilities in action.

For more information, call 252-758-3140 or
click here.