Greene County business shows what social distancing looks like

GREENE COUNTY, NC (WITN) With coronavirus spreading, social distancing is the new norm, and a hardware store in eastern Carolina is helping us all understand just what the six foot separation looks like.

Moses Hagans is a sales associate at the Ace Hardware in Snow Hill. Before you walk in their doors you’ll see their social distancing sticks.

Hagans says their boss came up with the idea and it caught on pretty quickly.

Hagans says, “Lot of times they come in and when they see me, they go smiling and carrying on and joking with me and say where those sticks at!”

The idea behind the sticks is to get people to have some fun and laugh, but also to convey a message.

Hagans says, “It’s not a dollar each we aren’t really selling them. We just have them at the door so when they come in, they either laugh about it or they’ll ask what’s up with those social sticks and we’ll let them know it’s a little prank.”

Hagans says the message behind the sticks, and washing hands, is still paramount.

Hagans says, “We want to support them want to let them know this is a serious time and we really need to keep our distance and stuff like that so we really want to get that our across America.