Greene County Health Director reacts to 3 positive COVID-19 tests

GREENE COUNTY, NC (WITN) COVID-19 cases continue to increase here in the east, with more counties confirming their first cases.

Greene County confirmed their first case Thursday, along with their second and third as well.

Three residents in Greene County were tested for the coronavirus on Monday.

Thursday morning, all three results came back positive confirming three total cases in the county.

Some residents in the area aren't surprised.

"You've got mixed emotions. You're concerned but at the same time you're not shocked. It's pretty much everywhere and if you look at the counties around Greene County, we were expecting one case or two to come out so it's mixed emotions," said Ann Webb, Greene County ABC Store clerk.

While three initial cases may worry some, the Greene County Health Department didn't panic.

"It really doesn't change the way we are doing anything. We've been preparing for this for three weeks now, getting everything in place. Our response to one is no different than our response to three," said Joy Brock.

Joy Brock is the health director and says the health department uses different labs and sends a handful of tests at once which can send a lot of results back at once.

"So we have the State Lab of Public Health that does testing and then we have commercial labs such as Quest and LabCorp that health departments and health care providers can use and we are sending specimen collections to those labs and they're doing the testing and they're getting back to the health department and healthcare providers when they have results in place," Brock said.

Brock says the confirmed positive cases are all isolated in their homes and doing well.

The Health Department said Greene County has completed around 25 coronavirus tests, half of which have come back negative and the other half results are still pending.