Governor tours Emergency Operations Center in Kinston as Nature Center moves animals to safety

KINSTON, NC (WITN) - The staff at the Neusway Nature Center says they have been very proactive with this storm and started moving animals and their exhibits on Tuesday before the Hurricane hits.

Governor Roy Cooper toured the Emergency Operations Center in Lenoir county meeting people who will be working on the frontlines during this hurricane.

The staff says, they are more worried about the flooding after the hurricane rather than the initial impact.

During Hurricane Matthew, center employees said the water flooded almost everything on the ground level. Bobby Cox, the Neusway Nature Center Naturalist said, "This disrupts your whole day, disrupts your whole week, possibly months so it is a very stressful situation to us."

Governor Cooper emphasized the importance of protecting life during the visit to Lenoir County this afternoon. He said, "Right now we are concerned of the safety and security of people. We don't want to lose one North Carolinian life to this storm."