Government shutdown could cause spike in robocalls

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The effects of the partial government shutdown are trickling down to your cell phone service.

The Federal Trade Commission regulates the "Do Not Call" Registry, which can help reduce the number of robocalls you receive.

Due to the government shutdown, the FTC is not accepting complaints, which means more people are getting unwanted calls.

According to its ​website, the commission states, "we are unable to offer this website service at this time" and that "we will resume normal operations when the government is funded."

In the meantime, you can contact your cell phone carrier to see if they offer any free blocking tools. AT&T currently offers a Call Protect tool while T-Mobile has an automatic scam protection feature.

You can also download a number of apps that check for fake caller ID's and offer call blocking features, including:

​Hiya Caller ID
​Mr. Number

Unfortunately, other FTC services, like free credit reports and filing an identity theft complaint, are also unavailable until the government reopens.