Gov. Cooper optimistic HB2 will be repealed

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina's governor insists there are enough votes to kill the state's "bathroom bill." But a survey by The Associated Press and eight North Carolina newspapers shows less than a third of lawmakers are willing to publicly commit to that stance.

Governor Cooper released a statement on Saturday.

"I remain optimistic that HB2 will be repealed if Sen. Berger and House leaders allow a clean repeal vote on the floor. My conversations with legislators convince me that there are enough Republican and Democratic votes to reverse the hardship on North Carolinians who've lost income due to HB2. If there ever was a need for bipartisanship, it's now. We came too close in December for Sen. Berger to give up. Too many jobs, too much investment, too much of North Carolina's reputation are at stake. We must succeed," he said.

The law is best known for requiring transgender people to use restrooms in many public buildings that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates.

Only 12 of 50 state senators and 40 of 118 current House members said they support abolishing the law, nearly all of them Democrats. On the other side, 13 representatives and six senators said firmly that they want the law to remain.

But in both chambers, those giving a "yes" or "no" were outnumbered by those on the fence or declining to participate.