Global Running Day 5k benefits Ainsley's Angels

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Global Running Day is Wednesday, June 5 and Fleet Feet is partnering with Brooks to host "The Big Run" all over the country.

Runners will participate in a 5K at different locations across the country at the same time Wednesday evening.

In Greenville, Fleet Feet owner Chris Loignon is hosting one run to benefit a non-profit dedicated to inclusivity.

Ainsley's Angels helps runners and riders with various disabilities by providing specialized equipment and guide runners, depending on individual needs.

The race will start at 6pm in Uptown Greenville at the corner of Dickinson Ave and Clarke Street. It will be the first to loop over the 10th Street Connector.

Last year's race was an un-timed fun run with about 150 participants. This year's 5K will be timed.

You can get more information by visiting here or by calling 252-353-3338.

Registration is $35. You can use code "WITN" to save $10.