Getting Fit in 2020: Winterville Fitness Program to Kick Off

WINTERVILLE, NC (WITN)- It's time for new year's resolutions, and the common choice to get fit will likely be how many people choose to start 2020.

"We're trying to change the idea of that. It's not a resolution, we're going to show you results," says Burn Boot Camp Franchise Owner, Susan Hackney.

Burn Boot Camp in Winterville is encouraging those wanting to get fit this new year to participate in it's raise the bar challenge, which starts January 6th.

"Commit to yourself to get your shows on and get to the gym and the personal trainers take care of everything else," says Hackney.

Jessica Edwards is a Burn Boot Camp member who decided this time last year she was going to make the new year about getting healthy so she could be more active with her daughter.

"I really wanted to play with her and interact with her so I needed to do something," says Edwards.

One year later, Edwards is down a little over twenty pounds.

"I'm down four pant sizes, three shirt sizes so, really seeing a lot of improvement if you're willing to put the work in," she adds.

She says, for those wanting to create a healthier lifestyle, a group fitness class could be the way to go.

"This really isn't a program, it's more of a family. I definitely have a huge community here," says Edwards.

Jenna Russo is one of the head personal trainers at Burn Boot Camp who says an exercise is never repeated.

"We have it set up like that so that you can come and workout six days a week without working the same muscle too much back to back," says Russo.

Hackney says, most importantly, the boot camp encourages members to set examples for their family members.

"Now you're setting the bar for the kids and letting them know how important exercise is as they grow up," says Hackney.