VIDEO: Curious Gatlinburg bears explore Havelock woman's Prius

GATLINBURG, T.N. (WITN)- A family with ties to Eastern Carolina found out during their vacation just how versatile bears in Tennessee can be.

Amber Martin, who is from Havelock, says that she and her sister-in-law had just returned to their cabin from exploring Gatlinburg on July 5th.

Martin says they had just put their children down for a nap and had sat down to lunch when she says she saw a bear around the corner of her mother's Prius.

Video captures a large bear climbing into the small 4-door car flanked by two cubs.

Martin says that she didn't get her camera out in time to capture the larger bear opening the car door with its mouth.

She says that a stranger driving by saw the scene and laid on their car horn. Martin also set off the panic alarm in the car which soon sent the bears on their way.

Surprisingly, Martin says her mom's car had no damage as a result of the curious bears.