Gas prices ahead of holiday weekend at highest point this year

(WITN) - North Carolinians traveling the roads this weekend will be met with some pain at the pump.

AAA says the national average is at its highest price this year, led by the switch over to more expensive summer-blend gasoline and increased driving demand.

While the national average rose to $2.39, the average price in North Carolina is $2.30.

Motorists looking for ways to conserve gasoline while traveling should follow the speed limit and avoid accelerating or decelerating quickly, make sure tires are properly inflated, and keep vehicles properly maintained.

Drivers in the east that we spoke with believe gas prices are too high.

"Honestly, don't even know how much it takes to fill up my tank anymore, because it's really overpriced," says Brittany Gregory. "I'm not a fan of it."

"I'm just trying to get home this weekend and I'm not even filling up my tank all the way, just because it keeps on getting expensive," says Tyler Goodwin. "So i'm just going to go home and hope my parents help me get more."

To estimate fuel costs, travelers can go to to input starting city, destination, and the make and model of their car.