GUC allowing extra time for customers to pay high utility bills

Published: Jan. 19, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST
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A local electric company says they're cutting their customers a break with their electric bills that likely spiked from the recent winter weather.

Greenville Utilities Commission board met Thursday and decided to give their customers a little relief after record electric and gas usage.

During the recent cold snap two weeks ago, the average temperature was 19 degrees and people turned up their thermostats to cope.

As electric bills are about to go out at the end of this month into February, some people could see a 50-percent increase.

To make sure customers don't get behind, there will be more of a grace period to pay the bill without fear of getting cut off.

"This relaxation of the policy is through March, will let our customer service agents extend some of these payments for another couple of days or week until the customer can get to the next payday so they can pay these bills," says Steve Hawley, GUC's spokesman.

GUC also saw record water usage, which they believe could be because of water loss from pipes bursting and leaking.

Hawley says if your bill is unusually high, give them a call and they'll send a meter tech to give a second reading.

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