GREENVILLE: 3,336 red light camera tickets issued in first month

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Thousands of drivers have received unwelcomed letters during the first month of Greenville's red light camera program.

Greenville police say 3,391 red light camera violations were reviewed by officers, who then signed off on 3.336 tickets being issued. That was between November 15th and December 15th.

American Traffic Solutions, the private company that operates the five red light cameras in the city, has two different employees review the violations before they are sent to police for review.

The 55 violations rejected by GPD represent less than 2% of the total tickets received.

Violators are charged $100 for the infractions, which do not count as insurance points.

GPD spokeswoman Kristen Hunter said she doesn't believe there were specific projections for the number of monthly citations, but they used Fayetteville as a comparison city when the program was researched.

Fayetteville says it averages 1,868 citations each month since it started in July 2015.

The five intersections in Greenville with the cameras are:

*Charles Boulevard and 14th Street
*Charles Boulevard and Fire Tower Road
*Arlington Boulevard and Fire Tower Road
*Arlington Boulevard and Greenville Boulevard
*Arlington Boulevard and South Memorial Drive