Frozen pipes could burst with warming temperatures

Published: Jan. 8, 2018 at 9:20 PM EST
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As temperatures rise and pipes begin to thaw, plumbers say it's important to watch for signs of damage around your home.

Plumbing contractor Walt Pollard says pipes that froze over the last week and haven't been discovered yet will begin to reveal themselves as the ice inside thaws and returns to water.

He says you should keep an eye out for water leaking or pooling both inside and outside your home and in places like crawl spaces and attics. He adds that issues with waterlines that aren't used a lot, like spare bathrooms and water spigots, can go unnoticed until a big problem occurs.

Pollard says, "Sometimes these things take a long period of time to show themselves. You know, you might actually experience a broken pipe three days from now. So it does take some time for these things to thaw out and and for them to come to a head."

Pollard says it's very important to know where your water shut off is so you can prevent water damage if a pipe turns out to be broken.