Float Don't Fight : Widow warns beachgoers about rip currents after husband's death

ATLANTIC BEACH, NC (WITN) - If you're headed to the beach or out in the water this weekend, members of a non-profit organization are hoping you'll remember to bring one item with you that could save your life.

The Joy family founded the organization called Float Don't Fight to keep beachgoers safe while they're out having fun in the surf. By using a simple concept of bringing a float with you in the water and using it if you get caught in a rip current, lifeguards say you can stay above water by lying on your back and by holding some kind of floating device.

Float Don't Fight was created after a father of three, Austin Joy, died nearly two years ago while trying to rescue his twin girls who were caught in a rip current.

Austin's widow Ali Joy said, "We were in Atlantic beach for father's day weekend and my children had to come home without their father and I don't want that to happen to anyone else we're trying to share our story to help keep the beach safe and fun."

The organization has partnered with local towns, rental properties, and is now working on getting a billboard up. The town of Pine Knoll Shores and Atlantic Beach are both working with Float Don't Fight to provide signs reminding visitors about the use of floats.