First inmate in NC prison custody tests positive for COVID-19

RALEIGH, NC (WITN)- An offender at the minimum custody unit of the Caledonia Correctional Complex in Tillery has tested positive for coronavirus, the first positive test for COVID-19 of an individual in custody at a North Carolina state prison.

The male offender in his 60's is in isolation at the prison and is being treated by the licensed medical staff assigned to the facility.

The offender exhibited symptoms of a viral infection on March 24. He was quarantined from the population and tested for COVID-19 the next day. The test came back positive April 1. The offender is in stable condition.

The prison system says precautions have been taken to prevent anyone else from becoming infected by the virus.

Contact tracing is also underway to identify persons who may have had unprotected contact with the offender within six feet over a span of 10 minutes. Those individuals will be monitored and tested for COVID-19 as warranted, in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Also, in accordance with CDC guidelines, the entire minimum unit has been placed on quarantine, with no movements of offenders to or from the prison unless for critical need. The housing dorm where the offender was assigned was placed on lockdown except for regulated recreational time.

Offenders within this housing assignment will be served meals in their dorm. All offenders and staff are being issued masks to wear. An additional shipment of masks and other personal protective equipment has been sent to the prison, and additional sanitation measures are also underway.