Firefighters raising money for fellow volunteer after death of his son

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) -- A group of fire fighters in Craven County are trying to raise money for a fellow volunteers grieving family.

Four-year-old Jacob Watkins passed away from complications associated with the flu. Doctors said he suffered a brain hemorrhage, and ultimately encephalitis.

Mandy and Denny Griggs are Jacob's godparents and Mandy recalled the way Jacob could light up a room.

"He was like his own little cheerleader, I just loved it. He was just such an inspiration. He was, he would always be like, if he had long enough arms he could of stretched behind and just patted himself on the back, and he would go, 'yay I did it,' and just light up." said Mandy Griggs.

Jacob's father is a Marine and a volunteer fire fighter at the Township Six Fire Department in Craven County.

Saturday they held a BBQ fundraiser in which all of the proceeds would go to the Watkins family.

Denny Griggs is the Fire Chief, and he says he would do this for anyone of his firefighters, but this time hits close to home.

"Little closer to us, but it could happen to any member of our department. We would help them out. His time of need is now, he's lost his son. So this is a way we can help him get through these rough times."

Anyone wishing to assist the family can contact the fire department for information on how to donate.