Final Farewell to Old Jones Senior High School

Published: Jun. 14, 2019 at 8:17 PM EDT
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A final farewell Friday for a high school in the east that's set to be torn down in a couple of weeks as current students prepare to start the next school year in their brand new building.

Former students and graduates of Jones Senior High School in Trenton took a walk down memory lane as they got one last chance to walk down the same halls they once did as students.

The school is scheduled to be demolished in about two weeks and administration at the school wanted to make sure alumni of the high school had the chance to say goodbye to the campus that's served students for the last 69 years.

Alva Freedman is one of those former Jones Senior High student who took the final walk down the hallways. She said, "It brought back some good memories, thinking how safe we felt here, we loved this school, we've had a lot of classmates that we've stayed really close to over the years."

Jones Senior High School will join Jones Middle and Elementary School on the same campus next year in their brand new school which sits next door to the current high school.

Construction is expected to be completed soon.

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