February Mom of the Month: Beulah Holmes Albritton

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SNOW HILL, N.C. (WITN) - For some people, giving back and taking care of others just comes naturally.

WITN's February Mom of the Month is the epitome of that, especially after she says she was given a second chance at life.

Beulah Holmes Albritton is 77 years young and on a mission to make a difference.

"We feeding 150 today," she says.

For decades now, she's been packing up boxes filled with sustenance at the Green County Interfaith Volunteers Food Pantry in Snow Hill.

"It means so much to me, especially when you see little kids in the car and some of the families, the kids be grabbing at the food before they even leave the parking lot and that's so sad when you see people really hungry," Albritton describes.

It's just one of the many ways she's giving back.

"There's a lot of people that need help," she tells WITN. "There's a person that's blind, I take her to her doctors appointments. And anybody that needed to go to the store."

Albritton's son, John Holmes, says her caring nature is one of the best things she's passed on to him.

"All of my brothers and sister, anybody needs anything, we always doing what we can to help others and it's definitely trickled down," he says.

A close-knit family, filled with song and faith, celebrating a woman that has been there for family until their dying day.

"She doesn't get the credit for the amount of people that she helped transition to the afterlife, from my father to his brother, to his sister, her sister, her parents," Holmes says.

Albritton says caring for those who become sick is a calling after she survived leukemia in 1964.

"The Lord spared me and gave me another chance, so I want to take advantage of it," Albritton explains.

She's not only a cancer survivor, she also battles lupus, an autoimmune disease, but that doesn't stop her from caring for others and even mothering those who are not her own.

"With some of my friends, they tell me to this day they appreciate all that she did in their younger years, cause like I said, she took in people she didn't have to," Holmes says. "She always took in the people that were castaways or throw-aways."

"I would have gone down a lot of wrong paths if it hadn't been for her," says Charlene Pridgen, a family friend who was a classmate with Holmes.

Decades later, she says Mama Beulah has never stopped being there.

"She just has the most beautiful spirit of any person that I know and she'll help anybody, anybody," she says.

"I love people," Albritton says. "I have compassion for the ones that people throw aside, them the ones I like to pull in. And like all them, all them pictures over there, all them girls and boys, they're the ones that I really helped out."

Each Mom of the Month is awarded $250 from the Ricci Law Firm, and a new mom is announced every third Monday of the month.

To nominate an outstanding mother in your life, email your nomination to momofthemonth@witn.com. Please include their name, your contact information, and describe what makes them an amazing mother.