Farmville hosts their own "Shark Tank" to boost local businesses

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FARMVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Revitalization with a twist, a group in the east hosted its own version of the show "Shark Tank" to find passionate entrepreneurs ready to turn their big ideas into reality.

Type A Boutique opened its doors in Farmville for the first time this past weekend. Before, the owner says it was just a pop-up concept, but it's now found a permanent home thanks to the help from the Farmville Shark Tank program.

The Farmville Shark Tank was created by The Farmville Group, which is an organization working to help revitalize downtown.

About 30 people applied for the Farmville Shark Tank and, out of that the group, three entrepreneurs with the best ideas and business models were selected.

This Shark Tank might not make big capital investments like they do on the show, but the group helps connect the entrepreneurs with the resources to start their businesses.

"We've worked really hard with each of the property owners to see what would fit in their building and worked really hard with potential business owners to see what type of facility would fit their business best," says Bert Smith with The Farmville Group.

The owner of the boutique, Erica Letchworth, was one of the three entrepreneurs selected by the Shark Tank. She says the program helped her make connections and find the perfect space for her new store.

You can find Type A Boutique inside the East Carolina Art Space Gallery right in downtown Farmville.

This is the first of the three Farmville Shark Tank business ideas that is now open and ready for you to come check it out.

The Farmville Group says the Shark Tank is also helping entrepreneurs looking to open a restaurant and a childcare business.

The group says those businesses should be opening in the next couple of months.