Family uses chalk art to bring joy while stuck inside

Published: Apr. 18, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT
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When you're stuck in the house all day due to COVID-19 restrictions, you start to find creative ways to have fun. One artistic family took their fun to the pavement to draw some chalk art now adored by hundreds on social media.

The works of art put together by the Congleton family include many different scenes with the family physical putting themselves in it to create the illusion that they're really there. Adam Congleton says the idea sprung from cabin fever.

"Being stuck at home, we had a lot of time on our hands," said Congleton.

And it goes further than just drawing with chalk, Adam Congleton got all of his kids involved—laying them on the pavement and letting their imaginations take them to places they can't go to at the moment, such the beach, fishing, and the playground.

Congleton said, "It's a group effort. So, it's my wife, it's myself, and the kids can... they fill in, and help out wherever they can."

And the kids are getting a kick out of it too. 12-year-old Issac Congleton says he's chalk-full of excitement.

Issac said, "I though it was really cool getting to see what we have to do everyday."

Issac said he wasn't sure people would care about the drawings. Well, Congleton shared one the drawings of his son battling a gator on April 5 on Facebook. It now has over 200 likes. The social media attention has continue to grow since then.

Congleton: "It's just kind of funny. We did it just to have fun and didn't really realize that so many people were gonna enjoy it."

The family is just hoping to bring a little positivity through their unique art.

"Even through a quarantine and even staying at home with your family, there's so much to still be happy about and God's been good to us even in the midst of all of this. So, there's a lot of reasons to be happy," Congleton said.

Congleton said he's been doing at least post a day. If you would like updates on the family's works of art, you can follow Adam Congleton on Facebook.