Expert advice for taking pictures of the eclipse

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) The total eclipse is this Monday, August 21st, and many will be taking pictures of the event.

Cellphones, tablets, and GoPro cameras are all go to pieces of technology that can be used to capture the great American solar eclipse, and they should be okay to use without a covering, but you can use solar glasses over them.

Any other type of digital camera will need special filters and coverings to be used to keep from damaging those devices.

Officials at U.S. Cellular in Greenville say there are even several apps you can download to enhance the quality of your photo or video.

Jeremy Taylor, Director of Sales at U.S. Cellular, says, " One that I would recommend is called night vision so any app you can download for your Apple or Android device will allow you to actually do low light setting so you can capture the picture, so that's a real important item and one other aspect too is making sure that if you zoom in, I don't recommend doing that."

Officials also say they are also preparing for an increase in phone use on Monday and are not expecting to have an issues with service.

Cellphone providers also say you should make sure the flash on your camera is turned off and they say you can also use a selfie stick to take a photo of the solar eclipse, that way you can get a picture without looking at it. You also need to remember to make sure to protect your eyes.

You can catch all the action right here on WITN Monday by tuning in for a special report from 2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. with Heather King and Chief Meteorologist Matt Engelbrecht.