Essential businesses stay open to help community function

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - At 5 p.m. Wednesday, the “Go Home, Stay Home” initiative started in Pitt County, which asks all residents to stay home and not leave unless absolutely necessary.

But some businesses are staying open and considered essential to helping the community function.

Barbara Tripp is the owner of Mema’s Daycare in Pitt County and she says she doesn’t plan to close.

"We plan to stay open. many of our parents are working in the medical field and we are very much needed,” Tripp said.

Other companies, like Groen Enterprise, have felt the blow from other businesses closing, but will also remain open.

"It’s a little more difficult to get food on the road so they are making sure they are taking more supplies when they go,” Ellen Mercer, the dispatcher at Groen Enterprise said.

Mercer said the truckers are being more proactive on the roads and continue bringing freight to much needed stores and businesses.

UNX Industries is also staying open.

Ryan Cotroneo is the Chief Technology Officer at UNX Industries and says it’s crucial to stay open during this time.

“You know we want to continue to inject capital into the economy and we also want to continue to support a lot of these businesses that require sanitation not only as textiles but for their facilities,” Cortroneo said.

The Pitt County City Manager, Scott Elliot said he hopes the “Go Home, Stay Home” Initiative will only last weeks but if nothing changes and the spread doesn’t slow, it could be extended.