Emotional and mental health counseling available post Hurricane Florence

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Hope-4-NC offers crisis counseling for individuals struggling to overcome the mental effects of Hurricane Florence.

Trillium says they have 86 counselors on teams in each county, canvassing the hardest hit areas by going door to door and asking victims if they have received assistance or if they still have un-met needs.

The loss of property, homes and jobs can sometimes be difficult for victims to overcome, and it's the mission of Hope-4-NC to provide resources for those who may not otherwise have access to them.

"Depression or anxiety, or in a lot of frustration. How do you get rid of mold once it starts? And what do you do, and what are the resources? Certainly the income impact has been great on many people. They've received some funding but may need additional. So we offer those resources, how to connect to them, and give people some solutions," said Cindy Ehlers, Trillium Health Resources Clinical Operations VP.

Crisis counseling program resources will be available until the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Florence in September of this year. Services are free and victim support is anonymous.