Emerald Isle offering deck safety and inspection program

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EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WITN) - It was just two years ago that a beach house deck collapsed off our coast and 24 people were sent to the hospital.

Now the Town of Emerald Isle says they hope to encourage safety measures to keep it from happening again.

The town has a new and voluntary condominium deck safety program.

It's the second of its kind, created by the town to encourage both vacation rental agencies and condominium homeowner's associations to monitor and upkeep property decks.

The town isn't responsible for managing the program, but rather county inspectors will offer any assistance requested by condo owners and the town will give suggestions on repairs to look for.

"You know, having maintenance staff look for small maintenance things like broken boards, rusted nails, nails that may be popped up, loose boards loose hand rails," explains Josh Edmondson, the town's planning director. "So there's about four or five initiatives outlined in the program for the condominium complexes."

When the beach house deck collapsed two years ago in Emerald Isle, the final report showed corroded nails were the issue.