Elizabeth City residents target of latest utility scam

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WITN) - With winter right around the corner, no one wants to risk having their heat shut off, which is what scammers are claiming will happen to some residents here in the east.

Elizabeth City Police say there has been a recent spike in aggressive phone calls targeting electric customers in Elizabeth City.

They say all the calls trace back to a number with an 844 area code.

The scammer will pose as a city employee, telling residents or businesses that they're late on an electric bill payment.

The scammer then reportedly threatens to shut off all services, unless the customer pays immediately with a Green Dot prepaid card.

But the money isn't going to your utility bills. The City of Elizabeth City is reminding residents that this is a scam and that they do not call any customers over the phone asking for payments.

If you've received a call like this, contact Elizabeth City Police at (252) 334-4321 or e-mail jjudge@cityofec.com.

Officials say you should pay close attention to the phone number and where you're told to send money to, that way they can work on stopping these scammers.