Electric cooperatives damaged during Hurricane Florence to receive FEMA funds

EASTERN CAROLINA, NC (WITN) Tens of millions of dollars has been approved to help three eastern Carolina electric co-ops damaged during Hurricane Florence.

FEMA and North Carolina say that $22 million will be used to reimburse Carteret-Craven, Four County, and Tideland Electric Cooperatives.

High winds, rain and flooding are blamed for damaging poles, lines and transformers across several counties.

Carteret-Craven will receive $9 million, $11.2 will go to Four County, and $1.9 million to Tideland.

It took 11 days to restore power to Carteret-Craven electric co-op with their grid requiring help from more than 500 outside line workers replacing about 250 utility poles, 400 transformers and miles of lines.