Election day: Polls have closed, ballots being counted

Polls have now closed across North Carolina on this Election Day 2018.

There were some long lines at polling places in North Carolina as voters will decide local, state and some federal races today. There are also six constitutional amendments on the ballot this year.

Lines were expected to be the longest before and after business hours but as long as you were in line at your assigned precinct by 7:30 you were be able to cast your ballot.

Most of the races will be local and regional so who's on your ballot will depend on your particular district.

In Pitt County voters will have their say in a new sheriff and district attorney, as those incumbents are not running again.

By 2 p.m., turnout in Pitt County was pacing well ahead of four years ago. Including absentee and one-stop voters, the 2 p.m. turnout stood at 38.29% of the registered voters, compared to 29.09% four years ago at the same time.

Voters across all counties will also decide whether or not to approve six new amendments. Two would transfer power from the governor to the legislature when filling judicial vacancies.

Another would lower the state's maximum possible income tax to 7 percent, although that won't change anyone's taxes now.

There's also a chance to establish voter ID laws. It would require voters to provide a photo ID when voting in person. The last attempt to do this was ruled unconstitutional.

You can read the six proposed amendments on page seventeen of the 2018 Judicial Voter Guide here.

You can also look up your assigned precinct and preview your ballot under "Voters" and then "Voter Tools" at www.ncsbe.gov.