Early voting begins in ECU Student Center

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Early voting began Thursday in North Carolina and some Pitt County residents who vote on the campus of ECU now have a more accessible place to cast their votes on campus.

In the past, people complained that the Willis Building on campus was hard to find and in an inconvenient location.

For a second election period, early voting is now being held in ECU's student center.

"This is something that's special for all of us students. It's very convenient for us for one. For two, we don't have to go very far," said Alvin Group.

Pitt County Deputy Director of Elections Tony McQueen says ECU is the best place for a voting site and you want sites to be easy for voters to find.

"They bring about 6,000 people a day through that place so you know, they want it accessible," said McQueen.

The Deputy Director of Elections also said if you wait until Election Day to vote, you might risk waiting in long lines and voting becoming a time consuming process.

You can also register and vote at the same time using same-day registration, but you must have proof of your address to do so.