ENC farmers fear impact on sweet potato crop with heavy rain

WAYNE COUNTY, NC (WITN) The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission says our state produces the most sweet potatoes in the country, providing nearly 60 percent of the nation's supply, and there is concern that supply will be impacted with more rain from the remnants of Hurricane Michael.

Farmers here in the east have already been hit hard once this hurricane season. Hurricane Florence forced Scott Farms in Wayne County out of their fields for about 10 days and even though the impacts from Michael are expected to be less severe, these sweet potato farmers say they always have to be prepared.

Scott Farms Vice President Dewey Scott says, "Really we are on a very narrow window now."

Scott does say Governor Cooper's State of Emergency does allow them to get crops out of the ground quicker because they do not have to worry about the weight limits on their trucks.

Scott says, "After Florence the last thing we need as producers is another weather event and six to eight inches of rain."

And even though the quality of most of the crop is looking good at Scott Farms, there are still a few bad potatoes in the mix.

Scott says, "We are hopeful, but we are really looking at some shortages."