ENC church & hunting club partner to educate on gun safety

Published: Jul. 8, 2017 at 9:35 PM EDT
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An Eastern Carolina church is teamed up with a local hunting group to prevent gun violence in the community be teaching adults and children about gun safety.

The Rebuild Christian Center Church in Winterville and the Believer's Hunting Family co-hosted the 2nd Annual Gun Safety Awareness Program on Saturday.

Pastor Darron Carmon says children are often curious about guns and he wants to show his congregation that weapons are not toys.

"It is our belief that if we train them now, teach them now, expose them now... take some of the curiosity away, by the time the gang member or whoever comes and presents their spiel to them they will already have knowledge," Carmon said.

Necole Salvant attended the program for the second time -- she says the event gave her new perspective last year.

"I am a victim of gun violence, so I overcame my own fear of not looking at guns as always being bad," she said.

Cecil Hardy serves as the President of the Believer's Hunting Family.

He said his intent is to "get them familiar with guns, learn the power of guns and what those guns can do. Guns aren't bad, people are."

Carmon believes a day at the firing range is an educational experience that could save someone's life down the road.

"Due to lack of knowledge parents don't say anything until something happens and then sometimes it is too late," he said.

Organizers hope the event will continue to grow each year.

Necole Salvant, Program Participant