ECU students react to armed robbery just days after returning to campus

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) It was just the first weekend back on campus for students at ECU when an alert was sent out for an armed robbery that occurred on College Hill.

Captain Chris Sutton with the ECU Police Department says four black males approached the victim and struck up a conversation before robbing him.

He says once officers were notified, they immediately began reviewing cameras around the university, and data bases which lead them to the four suspects.

"They just got out and started beating the pavement. They were out patrolling the campus on the College Hill portion very aggressively," says Sutton.

With the help of one student, officers were able to put faces with names of the suspects. and were directed to Legacy Hall where the suspects were hiding out.

"Officers set up a perimeter around the dorm and then some officers went inside and just started working floor to floor. They weren't going door to door but they were just being diligent and systematic in their search," says Sutton.

Officers were able to quickly identify all four suspects and they were taken into custody without incident.

Danielle Goff lives on College Hill and says the robbery was scary but she feels protected with the increased police presence.

"I honestly feel safe because there's so many like emergency posts around campus and we had cops at our, we live in legacy and we had cops there yesterday just like walking around and they were there all day long," says Goff.

Captain Sutton says ECU is an open campus and there's always a possibility for something like this to happen. He says it is not indicative of how safe the campus actually is.