ECU students adjusting to online classes

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Jack Riley is a senior at ECU who, like every other student, started online classes Monday, but is still transitioning. He says he had to move his desk into the living room to help him focus.

Riley says, "I can't like, for me example, I can't do homework in this house. I get so distracted, my ADHD is off the rails. I always used to live in the library, even if it was just for a homework assignment, always go to the library. So now I don't have that."

He's wondering what one hands-on class will look like online.

Riley says, "Every group has a week where they were supposed to prepare to cook, not one of us even got to do one yet before this thing started."

Another worry is internet connection.

Riley says, "It's like one roommate can log on at a time, the WiFi is so bad right now."

Sachiyo Shearman, ECU Associate Professor says, "In this difficult, chaotic time, not having internet access is definitely one of the hardest."

Shearman helped other professors adjust to online, saying they're doing the best they can. "Yes, they may not have hands-on experience, but they can still achieve the same course objectives."

Mary Tucker-Mclaughlin, ECU Associate Professor says, "I've really tried to simplify things so as not to punish students because this is completely out of everyone's control."

ECU is also offering a pass/fail option to undergraduates, something Riley is considering. And he says although he might be missing out on in-person classes, either way, his eyes are set on one thing. "I get the diploma. I get the diploma."

The university says it will try to support those who do not have access to a computer or internet.

Students have the pass/fail option until June 30th and it will not count towards their GPA.