ECU ending Lime Bikes program on campus

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - ECU is parting ways with a popular bike share on its campus as the company changes its business model.

The bright green Lime Bikes will leave East Carolina University's sidewalks and bike racks on April 19th. The Lime rental company is phasing out bikes in favor of electric scooters.

ECU decided not to continue its partnership with the company after the change because it believes bikes are safer.

The supervisor for ECU's Parking and Transportation says the campus had a lot of success and very low injury rates with the bikes, but also says research shows that's not the case with electric scooters.

"The scooters are producing not just more injuries but more severe injuries where the majority of them are fractures or concussions. The bikes are more scrapes or bruises," said supervisor Josh Rossnagel.

ECU is in the process of bringing a new bike share to campus and they're exploring the possibility of partnering with the city. The University hopes to have a new bike share in place by summer.