ECU Religious Studies professor recalls Billy Graham's impact

Published: Feb. 21, 2018 at 7:05 PM EST
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A religious studies professor at ECU is recalling the impact of Rev. Billy Graham, who died at age 99 Wednesday at his NC home.

Calvin Mercer, a Doctor of Religious Studies at East Carolina, says as a college student, he remembers working with the Billy Graham crusades or revivals in Raleigh.

He says, "Billy Graham was a towering figure in American Protestant Christianity in the 20th century, no question about that. He was very organized and a very successful as a revivalist.

And Mercer says the impact Graham had on this country showed he was a man of faith.

He says, Graham was not a fundamentalist, he was an evangelical because in fact he was criticized at times for cooperating with liberals."

Mercer says from President Eisenhower to President Obama, Graham never mixed politics with religion.

He says, For him politics was secondary to the gospel, and that is unfortunately not the case with some people."

And for the seven decades he ministered to the nation, Mercer says Graham is an important part of history.

Mercer says, He was a incredible orator and great speaker and very articulate in the simplicity of the presentation of the Christian message and he will someone who definitely made an impact on the American scene.