ECU Board to consider athletic event alcohol sales

Published: Jun. 27, 2019 at 7:34 PM EDT
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East Carolina University could see some changes at upcoming sporting events. Governor Cooper signed a bill into law that would allow alcohol sales inside ECU's stadiums and arenas.

The Boards of Trustees at the University of North Carolina system schools can now decide whether or not to sell alcohol at their stadiums and sporting facilities.

ABC Law Enforcement Chief Shane Wells says it could be both good and bad for ECU.

"I think it could bring in more fans and I also think some people might not want to be around drinking," says Wells.

Chief Wells says there's no way to know whether it will be beneficial or not until a decision is made.

He says, "It will be a case by cases basis depending on what kind of alcohol is sold at sporting events."

One pirate fan, Julian Chadwick says this could attract more fans to ECU games.

Chadwick says, "I think it would be a plus. I think it would actually draw more people to the games for bigger attendance."

He doesn't think selling alcohol will make much of a difference when it comes to audience participation at games.

One ECU student, Rilee Rockey says if ECU decides to sell alcohol at sporting events it could really eliminate alcohol-related problems.

"Often times, when they get ready to go to a game they rush themselves to drink as much as they can in little time and selling it at a game can eliminate that."

Some private colleges in the state such as Wake Forest already sell alcohol at their games.