E-mail scam targets Netflix users

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Authorities say a suspicious e-mail targeting Netflix users is a scam designed to steal your information.

The phony request looks like a legitimate e-mail from Netflix, with the company's logo following the same red and white color scheme at the top.

The e-mail claims that you need to update your billing and payment information. In order to do so, the e-mail includes a link that redirects you to a site that could potentially install malware on your computer or smartphone.

The e-mail will not address you by your first name, but instead, begin with "Hi dear."

The scam came to light after a police officer in Ohio, who does not have a Netflix subscription, received the e-mail.

Netflix is reminding users to never click on any attachments or open any unexpected links in an e-mail or text message.

The streaming service also warns against sharing your login or credit card information after clicking on a link.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, change your Netflix password immediately and contact your local bank to make sure nothing was compromised.

You can report this scam to phishing@netflix.com. For more safety tips, click here.