Duplin Winery expands operations

DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WITN) - After more than 40 years, a family owned business in Eastern North Carolina is making big strides. Duplin Winery has ​new equipment, allowing them to produce more bottles of wine than ever before.

Dave Fussell is a third generation owner.

"We have over 162 associates, and many of those folks have family here. Most of the folks that work with us live here in Duplin County. Plus we have, here in Eastern North Carolina 54 families growing 16 hundred acres of grapes for us", said Fussell.

The grapes from the Duplin Winery Vineyards are called Muscadine Grapes, native to the U.S. Southeast. Duplin Winery Vineyards produced 1.2 million gallons of wine in 2018. With their new production equipment, their owner said they expect to exceed that this year.

"When you think of the name Duplin, it's been around so long now, that it's a name that you know, and a name that you can trust", said Jonathan Murphy, who has been with the business nearly 30 years.

Duplin Winery recently expanded its tank capacity to 1.7 million gallons as well. Their wine can be found in most Wal-Mart, Food Lion, and Publix stores state-wide.