Driver uses multicolored car to guide wild turkey away from busy street

A wild turkey in North Dakota became obsessed with a neighborhood car. (Source: WDAY/Matthew...
A wild turkey in North Dakota became obsessed with a neighborhood car. (Source: WDAY/Matthew Chaussee/CNN)(GIM)
Published: Nov. 9, 2019 at 9:23 PM EST
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Matt Chaussee drives the same route nearly every day, often bringing his daughter to daycare.

But the morning commute recently got weird, thanks to a turkey named Roger.

"Every time we drove by him, his head would perk up, and he'd kind of chase the car a little bit,” Chaussee said. “And this happened pretty much every morning when I was taking my daughter to daycare."

Roger is a fixture on the busy street, where he has a habit of stopping traffic.

Chaussee said the turkey became obsessed with his multicolored car, which is painted to promote Chaussee’s virtual reality business.

"It's got to be something with the color,” Chaussee said. “We’ve had people saying maybe it looks like a peacock."

When a Fargo Police community resource officer showed up to help catch Roger, things got more interesting.

"Initially, we tried to catch the turkey. I had a blanket and she had a net, and turkeys, they're kind of fast,” Chaussee said. “We were not successful with catching him. At one point in time, he flew on top of the car and was standing there.”

After failed attempts to catch Roger, Chaussee and Fargo police slowly drove several blocks away to a nearby park. The turkey trotted the entire way next to Chaussee’s car.

"I would stop at the stop signs and the turkey would stop with me,” Chaussee said. “The traffic would pass, and laugh hysterically as they see this turkey next to me. And then as we get going again, he just picked right back up and followed us."

It’s believed Roger is still at the park.

And with Thanksgiving just weeks away, Chaussee now has a story about a turkey he befriended.

"Just the strangest thing,” Chaussee said. “It was like we were kindred spirits. It's just bizarre."

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