NC Drive-in theater finds new purpose amid pandemic

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (WCNC/NBC News) A North Carolina drive-in theater is finding a new purpose during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hound's Drive-In in Kings Mountain, North Carolina will soon begin hosting high school graduation ceremonies, free of charge, allowing celebrations that might not have happened due to COVID-19 restrictions. (Image: WCNC/NBC News)

Hound's Drive-In in Kings Mountain has seen a surge in business in recent weeks.

The layout is large enough to allow for social distancing.

Everyone going to a movie showing must stay in their car, and can only step out to get concessions or use the bathrooms, which theater employees monitor to make sure everyone stands far apart.

Now, the theater's owner, Preston Brown, is also hosting non-film events, including high school graduations, concerts, and business events.

Several weeks ago, he posted to social media offering his drive-in to high schools for graduation.

"I expected maybe just a couple schools to reach out, but I've had close to 40 schools reach out," Brown said. "I'm just excited for these graduations and concerts that we got coming. It's something different I've never done before."

It also makes graduation ceremonies, which Brown is hosting free of charge, possible for schools that might otherwise go without due to ongoing restrictions on large gatherings.

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