Down East Wood Ducks help boost the economy

KINSTON, NC (WITN) The Down East Wood Ducks are enjoying a successful season which is good news for the team, fans, and the city.

Wednesday Grainger Stadium was especially busy packed with 1,000 kids during education day.

Wood Ducks Marketing Director Alexa Kay says, "We, you know, have different games out here where we support different local things and I think that it just generates a lot of revenue for the community and the city of Kinston."

Lenior Community College sponsors education day and Wednesday's was the third and final one of the season.

LCC's Richy Huneycutt says, "We want our young people to start thinking and planning now what is the next thing they're going to be doing, what's the next steps from an elementary right on to post secondary education."

The Wood Ducks have several partnerships with local businesses in the east and continue to attract more travelers and baseball lovers to Kinston.

Kay says, "When you think of baseball you think of America's past time and it's kind of like a family here."